IMPORTANT: Installing different firmware may cause device malfunction. Make sure to always installing the latest version to maintain the optimal performance..


Release Date



  • OTA update capability


  • Provisioning: (Push RST button twice to change the mode)
    • BLE Mode : Alarm buzzes 1x
    • AP Mode   : Alarm buzzes 2x
  • The device can be provisioned via BLE with mobile apps.
  • Long press RST button to activate the LoRa Mode after provisioning the device.


  • Communication redundancy is already available (LoRa, Wi-Fi and BLE)
  • Provisioning:
    • AP Mode   : Alarm buzzes 2x
    • BLE Mode : Alarm buzzes 1x
  • Provisioning via IoT Stadium Mobile Apps:
    • Provisioning Mode: Press the Reset (RST) button twice to turn on BLE mode. BLE will be active for only 10 seconds. You’ll hear 3 beeps, indicating BLE is on. After 10 seconds, you’ll hear 3 beeps again, signaling that BLE is off.
  • Press the RESET button again to change the connected SSID and password.