Gain Visibility of your Data

to Make a Better Decisions

Why IoT Stadium

IoT Stadium is an ultimate platform for remote device management that can transform businesses. The platform enables monitoring and optimization of operations from anywhere, at any time.

Efficiency can be maximized, and control maintained through connected devices that track business activities.

The multi-tenant solution ensures security by granting users access with customizable roles and permissions.

Simple and Quick to Use

- Quick generated Authenticator (Token and Device ID)
- A connectivity package that enables custom coding
- Start monitoring in 5 minutes

Easy to Manage

- Group many devices with ease
- Easily automatize the devices
- Simple yet effective widget

How It Works


Connect your devices with ease using HTTP, MQTT, or LoRaWAN communication protocols


Experience quick and easy data sharing with our authenticator, the best choice for secure connections.

Data Visualization

Visualize your data, and access it at anytime and anywhere

Ready to optimize your data and make faster, better decisions?