This case study explores the practical applications of the EM310-UDL, highlighting its ability on range measurement and motion detection.

Smart Bin:

By placing EM310-UDL beneath the trash bin utilizing its range measurement and motion detection capabilities.
        1. Trash Level Monitoring
          The sensor provides accurate distance measurements, enabling users to monitor the fill level and plan timely waste disposa
        2. Optimize Collection Route
          Efficient routes can be planned based on the actual fill status of bins, reducing unnecessary collections and optimizing resource utilization.

Smart Parking:

By placing EM310-UDL on all the parking spots.
        1. Parking Spot Availability Monitoring
          Users can easily identify available parking spaces, improving the overall parking experience for drivers.
        2. Car Counter
          This data can be used for analytics, helping authorities manage parking space usage efficiently.

Smart Manhole Cover:

By placing EM310-UDL beneath manhole covers to monitor and manage manhole status.
        1. Manhole Status Monitoring
          Instant alerts can be generated for any unauthorized access, enhancing security and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Smart Sewer:

By placing EM310-UDL on several spots, inside sewer pipes.
        1. Sewer Level and Status Monitoring
          Facilitates the continous monitoring of sewer levels and conditions. This data helps in proactive maintenance, preventing overflow issues, and optimizing sewer system performance.