This case study explores the practical application of LWL02, highlighting the ability to detect and count water leaks. 

Washing Room Monitoring:

By deploying LWL02 on the water connection of washing machine, and the washing machine drainage pipe.
        1. Washing Machine Water Connector: 
          In the event of a leak from washing machines or water pipes, the LWL02 detects water and triggers an immediate alert. This quick response helps prevent water damage and ensures the proper functioning of appliances. 
        2. Drainage Pipe: 
          Place the probe near the drainage pipe for the washing machine. So, the customer can get the notification when the water leaks. 

Commercial Building Infrastructure Protection:

By placing LWL02 below the HVAC unit and bathrooms pipe
        1. HVAC Unit: 
          The LWL02 probes will detect the water leaks from the AC unit and will send the notification when the water leaks happen. 
        2. Bathroom: 
          When water leaks occur, the LWL02 probes will notify you and detect the leaks coming from the bathroom pipes. 

Kitchen Water Leak Protection:

By installing LWL02 in a kitchen with the external probe strategically placed near sinks, dishwashers, and other water sources.
        1. Water Leak Monitoring: 
          If there’s a water leak in the kitchen area, the sensor promptly detects it and sends an alert. 

Aquarium Water Level Monitoring:

The LWL02 is employed in a large aquarium or aquatic research facility with an external probe submerged in the water.
        1. Water Level Monitoring: 
          The sensor continuously monitors water levels. In case of a sudden drop or rise in water level, indicating a potential issue, the LWL02 sends an alert to aquarium staff.