LoRaWAN Network

Enhancing LoRaWAN technology to enable long-distance communication with IoT devices, as well as the development of large-scale, low-power devices.

The Things Network (TTN)

The Things Network (TTN) On-Premises

Our platform is connected to a LoRaWAN network that uses TTN on-premises as a private network. This enables user to get the following benefits:

  • Optimize uplink airtime per node
  • Boost downlink communication

Utilizing a private LoRaWAN network or TTN on-premises allows for greater control over the network’s performance and capacity.

Integration from The Things Stack Software


The Things Network integration can help with data processing and acting on it by triggering events. Some solutions can be implemented, like monitor and visualize the sensor data using our platform, to schedule commands to be sent to the end device, etc.

IoT Stadium also implemented two key integrations from The Thing Stack Software:

  • Webhooks

Webhooks send application-related messages to IoT Stadium Cloud for real-time communication between systems.

  • Storage Integration

Store upstream messages in a database for later retrieval to ensure data persistence. Additionally, the stored data can be visualized on your IoT Stadium Dashboard, which provides a way to view and analyze the data in real-time.