Outdoor Use

The weatherproof enclosure can withstand the outdoor condition and protect the circuit inside.

IoT Server Integration

Users can conveniently access and monitor door status, open time, and open counts through the connected IoT server.


The LDS03A, powered by 8500 mAh Li-SOCl2 battery, designed for long term use up to 10 years.

Periodic Data Transmission

The LDS03A sends periodic data updates every day, enabling continuous monitoring of door status. It also provides real-time updates for each door open/close action.

Open Alarm Feature

LDS03A has the open alarm feature, user can set this feature so device will send Alarm if the door has been opened for certain time.

Pre-Loaded Unique Keys

LDS03A comes pre-loaded with unique keys for LoRaWAN registration, enabling automatic connection upon power-on, simplifying setup.