K4 Bluetooth iBeacon

The K4 iBeacon|Eddystone Beacon is an IP67 waterproof beacon with an extended battery life that features BLE 5.0 technology and an ultra-low power chipset, the nRF52 series.

The K4 Bluetooth iBeacon|Eddystone beacon is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors for commercial advertising, indoor location-based indoor navigation, and asset tracking services. It has an industrial and attachable design and a strong signal.

The 2.4GHz radio signals broadcasted by iBeacon K4 can be adjusted and scheduled at regular intervals. Any BLE-enabled device, such as a beacon gateway or an iOS or Android smartphone, can scan and perceive K4 Beacon data.

Features Highlight

  • BLE 5.0
  • IP67 Splash Resistance
  • Accelerometer/Motion sensors