This case study explores into the practical applications of the ESP32 Cam of require remote monitoring or surveillance, as it can easily capture and transmit images over a wireless network.

Remote Surveilance:

The ESP32 Cam is commonly used as a remote surveilance:
        1. Home Security System Integration:
          By placing this device at several points of your house and set the device to capture images or record video whenever motion is detected. The captured footage is saved on a microSD card and can be sent to a cloud server for remote monitoring. In addition, notifications are sent to the homeowner’s smartphone whenever motion is detected, allowing them to check the live feed and take appropriate action if necessary.
        2. Smart Doorbell with Facial Recognition:
          By placing the ESP32 Cam at the front door and when the doorbell is pressed, the board captures images or video and uses facial recognition algorithms to identify known visitors. The homeowner receives notifications on their smartphone containing information about the visitor’s identity, allowing them to grant access remotely or communicate with visitors using two-way audio.
        3. Crop Monitoring:
          By equipping ESP32-CAM with weatherproof enclosures and solar panels, this device can be placed throughout their fields. The boards then programmed to capture images of the crops at regular intervals and the farmer will be able to monitor on their smartphone.