This case study explores the practical applications of the Dragino PS-LB-NA, highlighting its ability on converting the analog value to LoRaWAN data, and its ability on supporting wide range type of sensors.

Industrial Process Monitoring:

By integrating Dragino PS-LB-NA sensors with pressure, flow, and temperature/humidity sensors on key equipment to monitor critical parameters in the production processes.
        1. Real-time Process Insights:
          The sensors transmit data via LoRaWAN, providing real-time insights into pressure, flow, and temperature/humidity conditions.
        2. Preventive Maintenance:
          Early detection of abnormal conditions allows for proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime and optimizing production efficiency

Environmental Monitoring in Water Treatment:

By deploying Dragino PS-LB-NA sensors with liquid analysis sensors for pH, redox potential, electrolytic conductivity, and more, to monitor liquid parameters to ensure water quality.
        1. Water Quality Assurance:
          The sensors send real-time data via LoRaWAN, allowing continuous monitoring of key parameters to ensure water quality meets regulatory standards.

HVAC System Optimization:

By installing Dragino PS-LB-NA sensors with temperature/humidity sensors in various zones for energy efficiency and occupant comfort.
        1. Occupant Comfort:
          Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity ensures optimal indoor conditions, enhancing occupant comfort.
        2. Energy Efficiency:
          Get insights into temperature variations enable dynamic HVAC adjustments, reducing energy consumption.