X110 - Temperature Sensor V.1.0.3

X-110-V.1.0.3 is a temperature sensor that boasts an ESP8266 microcontroller and DS18B20 sensor. This device is designed to read data from up to 15 sensors. This compact device is specifically designed for monitoring temperature levels.

Expandable & Full Featured

Modular Expansion

Seamlessly integrates up to 15 sensors, customizing the setup to suit the specific needs.


A built-in alarm system that can be controlled via IoT platform.

Remote Control and Monitoring

The X110 is communicating using Wi-Fi, so the device can be controlled from anywhere and anytime.

Firmware Update

New firmware can be installed on the device.

Web Server Page

Device Monitoring

Tthe X110 device's web server has the capability to display various status information. This includes details such as the connection status with MQTT, the board serial number, temperature, MAC address, alarm status, and the port to which the sensor is connected.

Connection Setting

Users are allowed to modify the Wi-Fi network that the device will connect to, allowing them to switch to a different network if desired. Additionally, users can also make adjustments to certain settings related to the cloud connection.

Device Configuration

Users can personalize and secure the Access Point feature of the X110 device by modifying the username and password.
  • Voltage  : 12V DC
  • Current  : 100 mA – 1A
  • Sensor Max Limit : 15
  • Type                        : Dallas Semiconductor DS18B20 (waterproof version)
  • Temp Range          : -55 to 125°C (-67 to 257 °F)
  • Accuracy                : ±0.5 °C (from -10 °C to 85 °C)
  • Humidity Range    : 0-100% RH
  • Accuracy                : ±2% 
  • Number of LEDs: 3
    • Green : Power on
    • Blue    :
      • On    : Connect to Wi-Fi
      • Blink : Wi-Fi unconnected
    • Red     : Alarm triggered
  • Length : 88.73 mm (3.49 in)
  • Width   : 66.04 mm (2.6 in)
  • Height  : 32.3 mm (1.27 in)

User Manuals & Knowledge Base

> X110 User Manuals (PDF)

> X110 Knowledge Base


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IMPORTANT: Different firmware versions have been produced that are functionally equivalent but incompatible due to recent in-line improvements to device hardware. It won’t work if the incorrect firmware is installed. Please choose the appropriate firmware from the list below for your current firmware version.

Cellular Version

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