User Management

User Management Overview

IoT Stadium User Management set three different user types to manage the tenant: Tenant, Admin, and User. Each has a different level of access and authority. Tenant, for instance, can invite new users, specify the type of users, and delete a user’s access.


IoT Stadium has three types of user hierarchies: Tenant, Admin, and User. On each tenant, each user can have a different type.

Tenants can add and set user types within their tenancy and deactivate or delete users in the same or lower hierarchy. Admin also has this ability.

Tenant and Admin able to give and delete access for User.

User Management: Quick Guide

Add and set user type, set and delete user access for all users inside IoT Stadium.

Add and set User Type

Add new user to join the tenant and set the user type.

Send Activation Email

Send new users an activation email so they can join the tenant.

Set the User Access

Set an access for User: read, or write, for each device, or group of devices.


User Details

View all the information about the user: User full name and email, user type, and user status.

Add New User

Tenants and Admin can invite additional users to join their tenants. Tenants have the ability to set the type for other users.

User Access

Setting the User's access on each device or group of devices. This feature is only available to Tenants and Admins.

Delete User

Tenant and Admin are able to deactivate or delete another user, as long as another user has the same or lower hierarchy.