Device Management

Device Management Overview

IoT Stadium Device Management enables registering, monitoring, and managing globally connected devices remotely. The platform provides an overview of all registered devices and allows actions such as selecting communication protocols, configuring device controllers and telemetry, monitoring telemetry, and downloading device data. Users can also track alarm logs, set which users receive reports about the status of a device, and add images to devices or telemetry for visual identification.


Manage and monitor registered devices with devices’ status, ID, firmware info, and other details displayed on the platform

IoT Stadium Device Management’s multi-tenancy feature enables setting user access for registered devices

The devices can be managed from any location and at any time. Functions such as disconnecting and reconnecting a device, or remotely turning its controller on and off, are available.

Add new telemetry to a registered device and monitor all telemetries with a line chart using IoT Stadium Device Management

A redundancy can be set up for either devices or telemetries to ensure reliable and uninterrupted data transmission

Adding images to mark devices or telemetries can help with identification.

Device Management: Quick Guide

Register, connect, monitor and remotely manage all the connected devices around the world with IoT Stadium.

Register and Connect

Register the device, choose a communication protocol, and connect it using unique access tokens

Label and Set the Telemetry

Give friendly names for registered telemetries and set their unit for effective data monitoring.

Set the Controller

Add a device controller for remote control of devices. This feature requires device compatibility

Monitor and Download the Data

The visualized data from the telemetries can be downloaded, so the data can be stored.

Label The Device

A picture can be added to the device or telemetry to aid in identifying them.

Set User Access

Set the user access to grant them access to the device. Note that this is an optional choice.


Device Details

View all information about the devices: device name, connectivity type, most recent telemetry data, device status, board information, firmware information, etc.

User Access

Set the access on each device for the User. This feature only available with Tenant and Admin role.

Telemetry Setting

Set all of the registered device's telemetries. Telemetry can be added, set, grouped, and deleted.

Device Controller

Add a controller to the device to allow remote controlling. This feature only works with the device equipped with controller.

Alarm Logs

Keep track of the alarm events that have occurred on the device. This feature only available when the Automation rules have been made.


Set on which user that will receive the report about the device.


The telemetry data can be monitored in either historical or real-time mode, and users can download and save the data.

Device Labeling

Attach some picture to help in identifying the device or telemetries.

Device Access Group

This feature allows grouping multiple devices for redundancy and allows users to set access to multiple device.

Device Location

Adding a location where the device can be found will help users remember where they placed the device.