Automations Overview

The Automations feature in IoT Stadium allows users to create automation rules for their registered devices. These rules can be triggered by the devices’ telemetry or controllers, or by setting a schedule for when certain actions should occur. Once triggered, the devices can be programmed to carry out specific actions. Users can easily view all of their automation rules on a single page, streamlining the process of managing and monitoring their devices. With this feature, users can automate specific tasks, optimize their operations, and reduce manual workload.


To specify trigger conditions and thresholds for telemetry and controller triggers, a user can set the conditions and link them to an OR or AND gate.

Set a schedule on a specific controller to execute a specific condition at a specific time.

Once the triggers or the schedule have been reached, four actions are available: Set the Alarm, Set the Controller Action, Send the Email, Call REST API.

Automation: Quick Guide

Choose, set the automations, and set the actions for the automation rules for a single or multiple connected devices with IoT Stadium

Choose Automation Types

Name the rules, set the interval and select the Automation Type: Telemetry Trigger, Controller Trigger, or Schedule. Only one automation type can be used per rule

Set the Status

Activate or deactivate rules by setting their status.

Set the Triggers or Schedule

Set the trigger's condition and threshold limit. When selecting the Schedule option, set a specific time.

Set the Actions

In order for the rules to work, choose on which action to take: Set Alarm, Set Controller, Send Email, or Call REST API. It is possible to select multiple actions for a single rule.


Automation Details

View all the information about the rules: rule names, selected automation type, automation status, and selected actions.

Telemetry Trigger

Specify threshold limits for selected telemetries. Multiple limits can be set using the same or different telemetry from various devices. For thresholds from different devices, create a relation first.

Controller Trigger

Specify the trigger condition for a device's controller to send a specific signal.


Set a specific time for a controller to execute a particular condition. The time frequency and repeating interval can also be set with this feature.

Action Setting

When triggers or schedule are met, choose from four actions: Set Alarm, Set Controller Action, Send Email, or Call REST API. Schedule automation only allows Set Controller Action. Telemetry and Controller Triggers allow all actions.