Dragino LDS03A

The Dragino LDS03A is a robust LoRaWAN door sensor designed for outdoor use with a focus on reliability and longevity. With features such as door open/close detection, periodic and event-driven data transmission, and an open alarm function, it caters to various applications, including security, access control, and logistics. The device’s ability to record and retrieve historical data, coupled with an extended battery life of up to 10 years, enhances its practicality for long-term monitoring. The weatherproof enclosure and industrial-level battery make it suitable for operation in a wide range of temperatures. Overall, the Dragino LDS03A provides a comprehensive solution for tracking door status in IoT applications with the added benefit of LoRaWAN connectivity.

Feature Highlight

  • Outdoor use
  • Battery powered (8500 mAh)
  • Door status detection (open or closed)
  • Open time tracking
  • Last door open duration
  • Alarm (After certain time open)
  • Door open/close count